We would like to welcome all staff and students back to the start of a fantastic 2016-17 school year!
38095 State Route 39 | Salineville, OH 43945 | Ph: 330-679-2305 | Fx: 330-679-0193

Southern Local School District

38095 State Route 39 
Columbiana County, OH 43945


HIGH SCHOOL: 330-679-2305 
ELEMENTARY: 330-679-23044
BUS GARAGE: 330-679-2205 
FAX: 330-679-0193 

IRN #:

DISTRICT: 046441 
JR./SR. HIGH: 036095 



Mr. John Wilson 330-679-2343  Extn: 4004
Superintendent Email Mr. John Wilson
Mr. Greg Sabbato 330-679-2343  Extn: 4009
Treasurer Email Mr. Greg Sabbato
Mrs. Kristi Sampson 330-679-2343  Extn: 4020
Elementary Principal Email Mrs. Kristi Sampson
Mrs. Tammy Phillips 330-679-2343  Extn: 4003
Secretary / EMIS Email Mrs. Tammy Phillips
Mrs. Debbie Lyle 330-679-2343  Extn: 4007
Assistant Treasurer Email Mrs. Debbie Lyle
Kerry Morrissey 330-679-2343  Extn: 4028
Food Service Director Email Kerry Morrissey
Mr. Gerald DelBoccio 330-679-2343  Extn: 4100
Federal Funding Coordinator / Testing Coordinator Email Mr. Gerald DelBoccio
Mrs. Whitney Tsesmilles 330-679-2343  Extn: 4005
EMIS Coordinator Email Mrs. Whitney Tsesmilles
Mrs. Linda Morris 330-532-9868
Board President Email Mrs. Linda Morris
Mr. John Sawyer 330-532-3708
Board Vice President Email Mr. John Sawyer
Mr. Mike Abraham 330-532-2669
Board Member Email Mr. Mike Abraham
Mr. Jay Cole 330-853-5752
Board Member Email Mr. Jay Cole
Mr. Kip Dowling 330-679-1715
Board Member Email Mr. Kip Dowling
Gary Hawksworth
Transportation Email Gary Hawksworth
Kylee Marple
Transportation Mechanic Email Kylee Marple
Robert Marra 330-679-2205
Transportation Supervisor Email Robert Marra
Mary Jones
Transportation Email Mary Jones
Tracy Jones
Transportation Email Tracy Jones
Karen Lewis
Transportation Email Karen Lewis
Tiffany Hamilton
Transportation Email Tiffany Hamilton
Julie Pitts
Transportation Email Julie Pitts
Steph Sevek
Transportation Email Steph Sevek
Pam Young
Transportation Email Pam Young

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