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Topic Department Phone
Administrative Secretary Superintendent's Secretary 330-679-2343 X4003
Assistant Treasurer Treasurer 330-679-2343 X4007
EMIS Coordinator EMIS Coordinator 330.679.2343 x4005
Federal Grants / Title I Coordinator Grant Coordinator 330-679-2343 X4022
Fiscal/Payroll Treasurer 330.679.2343 X4006
Food Service Director Food Service Director 330.679.2343 x4028
Maintenance Supervisor Custodian Supervisor 330.679.2343 x4046
Safety Coordinator Safety 330-679-2343 X4014
Southern Local Board of Education SL Board of Education 330.679.2343 x4003
Special Education Coordinator Special Education Services 330.679.2343 x4022
Technology Coordinator Technology Coordinator 330.679.2343 x4026
Technology Service Director Computer Maintenance 330.679.2343 x4102
Testing Coordinator Testing 330-679-2343 X4014
Transportation Supervisor Transportation Supervisor 330.679.2205
Treasurer Treasurer 330.679.2343 x4009

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