We believe:

•   Every child is an individual with different needs, wants, and abilities

•   A clean, safe, and healthy learning environment is essential for student and staff achievement

•   Communication between the school and the community should be on-going, relevant, open and honest

•   Education will encourage students to strive for their dreams

•   Learning is a life-long process

•   All children can learn and they are entitled to an excellent education

•   The role of the community is to provide financial, social and spiritual support to our children as they pursue their education

•   The role of the school, students and family is to work collaboratively to be active participants in education

•   Every child learns differently and the role of the school is to identify their learning abilities and to inspire them to achieve their full potential

•   Every child must be challenged to achieve their fullest potential

The role of the family is to encourage and support their child in education