Shale Academy shows off new equipment

Mr. Watson shows off new Amatrol lab


The new industrial maintenance equipment is ready for the students of the Utica Shale Academy and the school’s director Bill Watson said now they just need the students to return to be able to use it.


Because of COVID-19 restrictions the students have been working on the portions of the program they can complete virtually and Watson said Tuesday much of that work is now done. The students need to be in the lab in order to complete the program this year.


Watson said even if the school is unable to fully reopen, he is hoping to work with the county health department to get small groups students in the lab during separate times.

The Utica Shale Academy industrial maintenance lab is located in Southern Local High School, where students are able to get hands on training in basic tools, electrical systems, pneumatics and hydraulics. Watson said they are very lucky to have found Matt Gates to teach the class, who really understands the maintenance systems overall and can also utilize the new technologies.


Watson told the Utica Shale Academy board he is in the process of applying for two Remote X grants, a 21st Century Grant and another Equity Grant this year. One of those grants being sought would be used for purchasing virtual welding equipment for the same industrial maintenance lab, which would give students the opportunity to learn the technical parts of welding.


There are currently 74 students at the Utica Shale Academy, including 24 seniors. The average attendance this year, despite many of the classes being held virtually, has been 75.22 days of the 80 possible. On Fridays, 34 of the students are attending classes through the New Castle School of Trades.


(from the Morning Journal - Staff writer, Deanna Johnson - Thursday, January 14, 2021.)

The Amatrol pneumatics and basic hydraulics machines the Utica Shale Academy purchased with  the grant. (Morning Journal /Deanna Johnson)
The amatrol pneumatics and basic hydraulics machines the Utica Shale Academy purchased with the grant money. (Morning Journal/Deanna Johnson)
Mr. Watson, director of Utica Shale Academy
Bill Watson, director of the Utica Shale Academy, shows board members of the community school some of the pieces of equipment purchased with the $200,000 state Equity in Education grant through the Ohio Department of Education for the school's industrial maintenance program. The Amatrol equipment is designed to teach students and give them hands-on experience with some of the equipment they could be working with in that field. (Morning Journal/Deanna Johnson)