Southern Local District Spelling Bee

District Spelling Bee Champions, Mystia Myers, Delaney Beadnell, and Jensen Allender.

Southern Local held their District Spelling Bee February 10 with 16 participants in grades 5 through 8. In round 9, sixth grader Brody Hamilton 6 misspelled his word and was ranked 10th. Also in round 9, sixth grader Hailey Maines misspelled her word and was ranked 9th. In round 10, fifth grader Khloe Ensinger misspelled her word and was ranked 8th. In round 11 four more students lost their chance to be the champion. Fifth grader Jessah Harris was ranked 7th, sixth grader Rylee Digman was ranked 6th, seventh grader Abbianna Bates was ranked 5th, and seventh grader Alliandra Myers was ranked 4th. Changes to the Spelling Bee rules, there will be no alternate sent to the County Spelling Bee.

After round 11, the top three, fifth grader Jensen Allender, fifth grader Delaney Beadnell and eighth grader Mystia Myers were left to determine who will be the District's Spelling Bee Champion. In round 15, Jensen and Mystia had misspelled their words leaving Delaney to claim the title. Delaney correctly spelled lullaby. To be declared winner, Delaney correctly spelled tangents.

Jensen and Mystia had a spell off to determine who would be second and third place winners. In round 16, Jensen misspelled expression. In round 17, Mystia correctly spelled patent.

Southern Local County Spelling Bee representatives are: Champion Delaney Beadnell, 2nd place Mystia Myers, and 3rd place Jensen Allender. The County Spelling Bee will be held March 3rd. This years County Spelling Bee will be held virtually.

Second Place, Mystia Myers, Champion Delaney Beadnell, and Third Place Jensen Allender
District winners left to right: 2nd place Mystia Myers, 1st place Delaney Beadnell, and 3rd place Jensen Allender
Spelling Bee participants

Pictured left to right: Row 1: Third Place Jensen Allender, Champion Delaney Beandell, and Second Place Mystia Myers. Row 2: Khloe Ensinger, Emerson Gottschall, Jessah Harris, Abbianna Bates, Rylee Digman, Ava Reed, and Hailey Maines. Row 3: Brody Hamilton, Donnavin Watson, Logan Mettenberger, Rylie Pugh, Alliandra Myers, and Gabby Deitch.