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Southern Local School District Summary of Assessment

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The Southern Local School was consolidated and created in Columbiana County in the 1960's. Summitville's Franklin School Building, Salineville's High School, Highlandtown's Elementary Building, Wayne Township's Wayne Elementary Building and Yellow Creek's No. Sixteen School Road Elementary created the new Southern Local School District. The community built the new high school in Washington Township on State Route 39. The doors opened to the first day of the 1962 - 1963 school year.  Since 1962, Southern Local has gone through significant changes.

Southern Local School District Summary of Assessment

Southern Local School District has undergone significant changes since 1990 building assessment. In 1990 the District operated five schools. Number Sixteen Elementary School was a 8,998 s.f. 1938 building which they used for grades K-4. Franklin Elementary School was a 7,500 s.f. 1923/1938/1950 building which they used for grades K-4. Highlandtown Elementary School was a 7,980 s.f. 1940 building which they used for grades 1-4. Southern Middle School was a 31,917 s.f. 1938 building which they used for grades 5-8. Southern Local High School was a 49,952 s.f. 1962 building which they used for grades 9-12.

In 1991, the District closed/sold Number Sixteen Elementary School and Franklin Elementary School. Highlandtown Elementary School had temporary modular classrooms placed on site, was renamed Southern Primary School and used for grades K-2. Southern Middle School was renamed Southern Intermediate School and used for grades 3-6. Southern Local High School had temporary modular classrooms placed on-site and is now used for grades 7-12.

In January of 2002 the Board of Education and Administrators braved the cold for a groundbreaking ceremony for the new K-12 complex. Construction for this new campus began in March of 2002.

December of 2002 saw students and staff of the Jr/Sr High packing and moving into the elementary wing so that construction renovation could be completed on the high school wing.

November of 2003 the Jr/Sr High students and staff began occupation of the current K-12 complex. By January of 2004 all students and staff claimed ownership of the new Southern Local K-12 complex.

Southern Local Primary School (7,980 s.f. K-2 building), formerly known as Highlandtown Elementary School, was constructed in 1953. 3,985 s.f. Temporary modular classrooms were placed on-site in 1991. In 2001, a new assessment was completed when Southern Local received the opportunity to renovate or build a new school. Due to costs associated with bringing this school up to standards established by the Ohio School Facilities Commission, this school qualifies for total building replacement. The probable costs for new construction/addition and reconstruction of the existing building exceed two-thirds of the cost. The choice then was made to replace the building with a new building.
Southern Local Intermediate School (31,917 s.f. 3-6 building), formerly known as Southern Middle School was constructed in 1938. Due to costs associated with bringing this school up to the standards established by the Ohio School Facilities Commission, this school qualified for total building replacement, again the probable costs for new construction/addition and reconstruction of the existing building exceeded two-thirds of the cost to replace the buildings with a new building.

In the fall of 2004 the building was auctioned off to the Salineville Assembly of God Church. During the winter/spring of 2005 the building was razed.
Southern Local High School 949,952 s.f. (7-12 building), was constructed in 1962. 9,838 s.f. of temporary modular classrooms were replaced on site in 1991. Renovation, system replacement, and additional square footage will be necessary to bring the existing building up to the standards set up by the Ohio School Facilities Commission.

The on-site evaluation of the schools indicated that the costs associated with bringing Southern Primary School and Southern Intermediate School to the standards established by the Ohio School Facilities Commission qualified them for total building replacement. Due to cost considerations and site restrictions at the two former sites, the  recommendation was  to rebuild Southern Primary School and Southern Intermediate as an addition to Southern High School thus creating a K-12 complex.

SLSD Superintendents

Executive Head
Jack F. Baker

Southern Local Class of:
1964, 1965, 1966
Salineville High School Class of:
1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963

The Salineville High School's last year was 1962-1963. At the end of the school the doors closed and reopened in 1963-1964 as Southern Local School District.

Board of Education
1966 - Clerk, Mr. Phil Maher, Mrs. Joan Dixon, Mr. Charles Allison, Miss Ruth McNichol, Mr. Martin Adams, Mr. Edward Thompson, and Mr. John Ewing
1965 - Mrs. Dixon, Miss Ruth McNichol, Mr. Martin Adams, Mr. Robert Skinner, Mr. Edward Thompson, and Mr. Charles Allison
1964 - Mr. Edward Thompson, Mr. Charles Allison, Mr. Martin Adams Mrs. Lamont Faulkner, Mr. Robert Skinner, and Miss Ruth McNichols
1963 - Miss Ruth McNichols, Mr. Charles Allison, Mr. Jack Stewart Mrs. Lamont Faulkner, Mr. Robert Skinner, and Mrs. Betty Rhodes

Salineville High School's Board of Education:
1963 - Mr. Jack Stewart, Charles Allison Ruth McNichols, Betty Rhodes, Robert Skinner and Bernice Hirst
1961 - Martin Adams, Albert Eisenbarth, J.B. Fergason, Robert Skinner, Robert Cole
1959 - John Ewing, Martin Adams, Arthur Miller, Ben Hipsley,  J.B. Fergason, Lloyd Jones

High School Principal(s)
1966 - Mr. Thomas M. Leek
1965 - Mr. Thomas M. Leek
1964 - Mr. Thomas M. Leek

Salineville High School
1963 - Mr. Thomas M. Leek
1962 - Mr. Thomas M. Leek
1961 - Mr. Thomas M. Leek
1959 - Mr. Thomas M. Leek

Mr. Tom Leek

Class of: 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972

Board of Education
1972 - President, Richard Kevan, Vice-President - Dominic Sabatino, James "Jim" Higgins.
1971 - Clerk Phil Maher, Mr. John Ewing, Mrs. Joan Dixon, Mr. Dominic Sabatino, Mr. Fred Johnson, and Mr. Richard Kevan
1970 - Clerk Phil Maher, Mr. John Ewing, Mrs. Joan Dixon, Mr. Dominic Sabatino, Mr. Fred Johnson and Mr. Richard Kevan
1969 - Clerk, Mr. Phil Maher, Mrs. Joan Dixon, Mr. Charles Allison, Mr. John Ewing, Mrs. Lucille Huston Mr. Edward Thompson, and Mr. John Ewing
1968 - Clerk, Mr. Phil Maher, Mr. Dominic Sabatino, Mr. John Ewing, Mr. Fred Johnson
1967 - Clerk, Mr. Phil Maher, Mrs. Joan Dixon, Mr. Charles Allison, Mrs. Luille Huston, Mr. John Ewing, Mr. Edward Thompson

High School Principal(s)
1973 - Mr. Alton "Al" P. Dobson
1972 - Mr. Alton "Al" P. Dobson
1971 - Mr. John Fieldhouse
1970 - Mr. John F. Baker
1969 - Mr. John F. Baker
1968 - Mr. John F. Baker
1967 - Mr. John F. Baker

Mr. John Rayburn

Class of: 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980
Board of Education
1979 - Clerk, Florence Bentley, John Ewing, James "Jim" Higgins, William Pitts, Marlene Corbisello and Clyde Bonam
1978 - Clerk Florence Bentley, John Ewing, James "Jim" Higgins, William Pitts, Marlene Corbisello, and Clyde Bonam
1977 - Clerk Marilyn Seigler, Dominic Sabatino, President, James "Jim" Higgins, Vice-President, Clyde Bonam, John Ewing, and Ed Todd
1976 - Clerk - Treasurer, Marilyn Seigler, Dominic Sabatino, James "Jim" Higgins, Clyde Bonman, John Ewing and Ed Todd
1975 - BOE Secretary Mary Seigler, James "Jim" Higgins, President, John Ewing, Clyde Bonam, Larry Boals
High School Principal(s)
1980 - Mr. Alton "Al" P. Dobson
1979 - Mr. Alton "Al" P. Dobson
1978 - Mr. Alton "Al" P. Dobson
1977 - Mr. Alton "Al" P. Dobson
1976 - Mr. Alton "Al" P. Dobson
1975 - Mr. Alton "Al" P. Dobson
1974 - Mr. Alton "Al" P. Dobson

Dr. John Klimek 

Class of: 1981, 1982, 1983
Board of Education
1983 - Treasurer Mike Evanston, Mr. Adams, Mr. Bergfeld, Mr. Ewing, Mr. Roush, Mr. Baker
1982 - Mrs. Bentley BOE Clerk, Mrs. Sauer, Mrs. Corbisello, Mr. Bonam, Mr. Ewing, Mr. Todd, Mr. Baker, and Mr. Bergfeld
High School Principal(s)
1983 - Mr. Anthony "Tony" Krukowski
1982 - Mr. Alton "Al" Dobson
1981 - Mr. Alton "Al" P. Dobson
The 1980 - 81 yearbook is a combination of the Classes of 1980 and 1981.

Mr. Anthony "Tony" J. Krukowski

Class of: 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989
Board of Education
1989 - Treasurer, Janet Urmson, Mr. Kyle Baker, Mr. Albert Girone, Mr. Walter Kerr, Mr. Terry Leek, Mr. William McPherson
- Treasurer, Christine Shrivers Mr. Leek, Mr. McPherson, Mr. Baker, Mr. Gerome
1987 - Treasurer, Christine Shrivers, BOE President, Kyle Baker, Terry Tice (Burn the Mortgage)
1986 - Treasurer, Christine Shrivers
1984 - Treasurer, Mike Evanston
High School Principal(s)
1989 - William "Bill" H. Bucey Jr.
1988 - Willam "Bill" H. Bucey Jr.
1987 - William "Bill" H. Bucey Jr.
1986 - William "Bill" H. Bucey Jr.
1985 - William "Bill" H. Bucey Jr.
1984 - William "Bill" H. Bucey Jr.

Mr. John Fieldhouse

Class of: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993
Mr. Fieldhouse retired during the 1993-94 school year. Mr. Grant Dieter took the realm in 1994.
Board of Education
1994 - 
Treasurer, Doreen Marshall Mrs. Marty Gunther, Mr. Mark Fraley, Mr. Robert Palmer, Mr. John Repella and Mr. John Sawyer1993 - Treasurer, Doreen Marshall
- Treasurer, Doreen Marshall
1991 - Treasurer, Doreen Marshall
1990 - Treasurer, Janet Urmson, Kyle Baker, Al Girone, Terry Leek, and Bill McPherson
- Mr. William "Bill" Bucey Jr.
- Mr. William "Bill" Bucey Jr.
- Mr. William "Bill" Bucey Jr.
- Mr. William "Bill" Bucey Jr.
1990 - Mr. William "Bill" Bucey Jr.

Assistant Principal(s)
- Mr. Dennis Dunham
1992 - Mr. Dennis Dunham

Mr. Grant Deiter

Class of: 1994, 1995
Mr. Grant Deiter
1994 - Stepped in after John Fieldhouse retired after 6 years at Southern Local.
1995 Southern Local voters repeal a 14 mill levy and later reinstated the 14 mills
Board of Education
1994 - 
Treasurer, Doreen Marshall, Mr. Mark Fraley, Mrs. Marty Gunther, Mr. Robert Palmer, Mr. John Repella, and Mr. John Sawyer
- Treasurer Doreen Marshall
High School Principal
- Mr. Dennis Dunham (March 1, 1994 start date)
- Mr. Dennis Dunham
Jr. High Principal
- Mr. Thomas Rayburn (March 1994)
- Mr. Jeff Weekley

Mr. Fred Johnson

Class of 1996
Board of Education
- Treasurer, Doreen Marshall
High School Principal
- Mr. Dennis Dunham

Mr. James "Jim" Patsey

Class of 1997

Board of Education
- Treasurer, Doreen Marshall

High School Principal
1997 - Mr. Tim Flescher

Mr. Jeff Weekley

Class of: 1988, 1989, 2000, 2001
Board of Education
2001 - Treasurer, Doreen Marshall
- Treasurer, Doreen Marshall
- Treasurer, Doreen Marshall
- Treasurer, Doreen Marshall

2001 - Mr. Dennis Spisak
- Mr. Dennis Spisak
1999 - Mr. Tim Flesher
- Mr. Tim Flesher

Assistant Principal(s)
2001 - Mr. James Lyons
2000 - Mr. Mark Furda
1999 - Mr. Mark Furda
- Mr. Mark Furda

Mr. Fred Burns

Class of: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

Board of Education
- Treasurer, Doreen Marshall, Bill Pitts, President, Linda Morris, Vice-President, Roger Bickel, Mark Fraley, and Glenn Frischkorn
2004 - Treasurer, Doreen Marshall, Rogers Bickel, Mark Fraley, Glenn Frischkorn, Linda Morris, and Bill Pitts
2003 - Treasurer, Doreen Marshall, Roger Bickel, Mark Fraley, Glenn Frischkorn, Linda Morris and Bill Pitts
2002 - Treasurer, Doreen Marshall

- Mr. Dennis Spisak
- Mr. Dennis Spisak
- Mr. Dennis Spisak
2002 - Mr. Dennis Spisak

Assistant Principal(s)
2005 - Mr. James "Jim" Herring
- Mr. James "Jim" Herring
- Mr. James "Jim" Herring
- Mr. James "Jim" Herring

Mr. James "Jim" Herring

Class of: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Board of Education
2011 - Treasurer, Doreen Marshall, Kim Boston, Andrew Frischkorn, Linda Morris, Bill Pitts, and John Sawyer
2010 - Treasurer, Doreen Marshall, Kim Boston, Andrew Frischkorn, Linda Morris, Bill Pitt, and Johns Sawyer
2009 - Treasurer, Doreen Marshall, President, Linda Boyle, Vice-President, Bill Pitts, Kim Boston, Andrew Frischkorn and Linda Morris
2008 - Treasurer, Doreen Marshall
2007 - Treasurer, Doreen Marshall, Linda Boyle, Mark Fraley, Glenn Frischkorn, Linda Morris, and Bill Pitts
- Treasurer, Doreen Marshall, Linda Boyle, Mark Farley, Glenn Frisckhorn, Linda Morris, and Bill Pitts

2011 - Mrs. Carol Vollnogle
2010 - Mrs. Carol Vollnogle
2009 - Mrs. Carol Vollnogle
- Mrs. Carol Vollnogle
- Mrs. Carol Vollnogle
2006 - Mr. Dennis Spisak

Assistant Principal(s)
2011 - Mr. William May
- Mr. Willam May
2009 - Mr. John Wilson
2008 - Mr. Alex Albert
2007 - Mr. Alex Albert
2006 - Mrs. Carol Vollnogle

Interim Superintendent
Mr. Louis "Lou" Ramuno

Class of 2012
2012 - Treasurer, Doreen Marshall, Mike Abraham, Andrew Firschkorn, Linda Morris, Bill Pitts, and John Sawyer
2012 - Mr. Sean Adams
Assistant Principal
2012 - Mrs. Melissa Kiehl

Mr. John Wilson

Class of: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Board of Education
2018 - Treasurer, Greg Sabbato, Mike Abraham, Jay Cole, Kip Dowling, Linda Morris, and John Sawyer
2017 - Treasurer, Greg Sabbato, Mike Abraham, Jay Cole, Kip Dowling, Linda Morris, and John Sawyer
2016 - Treasurer, Greg Sabbato, Mike Abraham, Jay Cole, Kip Dowling, Linda Morris, and John Sawyer
2015 - Treasurer, Doreen Marshall, Mike Abraham, Kip Dowling, Andrew Frischkorn, Linda Morris, and John Sawyer
- Treasurer, Doreen Marshall, Mike Abraham, Kip Dowling, Andrew Frischkorn, Linda Morris, and John Sawyer
2013 - Treasurer, Doreen Marshall, Mike Abraham, Andrew Frischkorn, Linda Morris, Bill Pitts, and John Sawyer 
High School Principal(s)
2018 - Mr. Gerald "Tony" DelBoccio
2017 - Mr. Gerald "Tony" DelBoccio
2016 - Mr. Dallas Saunders
- Mr. Dallas Saunders
- Mr. Dallas Saunders
- Mr. Dallas Saunders 
High School Assistant Principal(s)
2018 - Mr. Rich Wright and Mr. Eric Sampson
2017 - Mr. Rich Wright and Mr. Eric Sampson
2016 - Mr. Rich Wright  and Mr. Gerald "Tony" DelBoccio, Federal Funds Coordinator/Assistant Principal
2015 - Mr. Gerald "Tony" DelBoccio
2014 - Mr. Gerald "Tony" DelBoccio
2013 - Mrs. Mary Alice Sigler and Tom Cunningham

Mr. Thomas "Tom" Cunningham

Class of: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

Board of Education
- Treasurer, Greg Sabbato, President Kip Dowling, Vice-President, Scott Hart, Karl Blissenbach, Linda Morris, and John Sawyer
2021 - Treasurer, Greg Sabbato, President Kip Dowling, Vice-President, Linda Morris, Rodney Edmiston, Scott Hart, John Sawyer
2020 - Treasurer, Greg Sabbato, President, Kip Dowling, Vice-President,  Linda Morris, Rodney Edmiston, Patty Exline, John Sawyer
2019 - Treasurer, Greg Sabbato, President Jay Cole, Mike Abraham, Kip Dowling, Linda Morris, John Sawyer

- Mr. Jay Kiger
2021 - Mr. Jay Kiger
2020 - Mr. Jay Kiger
2019 - Mr. Gerald "Tony" DelBoccio

Assistant Principal(s)
- Mr. Adam Loudin
2021 - Mr. Adam Loudin
2020 - Mr. Ron Sines
2019 - Mr. Ron Sines and Rich Wright
Superintendent Tom Cunningham

SLSD History

Education is a New Ball Game

COVID19 the Pandemic Years

COVID-19 Years

School closed
The 2019-2020 school year started out as any normal school year. Fall sports were in full swing, the bands were supporting their teams and creating awesome halftime shows, footballs, volleyballs and golf balls are flying, legs are stretching, running and dancing, it's all seems normal. The fall sports end and winter sports begin, we hear a rumble of something horrible happening in Asia and spreading to Europe. We pay no attention until March 12 when Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced he was closing businesses and schools for two weeks, only essential businesses and workers are allowed  to be out. The closure was extended to the until of 2019-2020 school year. Educating students moved to online education. Students who had no Internet or Internet not sufficient to do online classes had to complete packets of lessons to be turned in at the school's foyers. The class of 2020 thought there would be no graduation ceremony. The administration decided to hold a virtual graduation to be aired on Facebook the evening of graduation and later aired on WTOV9. (see the Jr. Sr. High website to view the graduation)
welcome back to school
The 2020-2021 school year brought new challenges. Student and staff health and safety was a major concern. Parents and students who were not comfortable with the face-to-face learning environment were given the option to continue online lessons. Students attending face-to-face were physically at the school four days of the week. The fifth day was online so teachers could meet with both the online students and the face-to-face learners. The challenge was still the Internet. Hotspots were purchased using monies from the government for technology to help schools delivery online content. 
For the students attending face-to-face learning, sanitization stations were set up in the classrooms, hallways, and gathering places. Temperature stations were set up so when you entered the building you took your temperature. Social distancing in classrooms, hallways and cafeteria were implemented. Facial coverings were mandatory. The state set up guidelines so athletics could be a part of the students lives. The seasons were modified. The bands could only play at their home games. The number who could attend the games were reduced according to seating capacity. There were no Homecoming dances. The class of 2021 was determine to have the Jr. Sr. Prom. After a lot of discussions, they were able to have their Prom. This year's graduation was going to held outdoors on the football field. Weather forecast was pushing graduation back inside and limited the number of guests who could attend. The day of senior assembly, the high school principal announced that there will be no restriction on the number of people who could attend the graduation ceremony. (see the Jr. Sr. High website for pictures.)
The 2021-2022 school year showed some improvements and hopes of being normal. Social distancing was still in place. Masks were highly recommended but not mandatory. However, there were several times masks were temporarily made mandatory due to higher cases of COVID. The sanitization stations also remained. The sport seasons were back into full swing. The band was able to attend all games to perform and cheer on their team. The homecoming dances returned with a new twist. Joining the court was the king and his court. The district held it's Back-to-School Bash at the beginning of the year and the District Showcase at the end of the school year. This year's District Showcase was held both inside and outside. Last year the District Showcase was held outside only. (see the Jr. Sr. High and Elementary websites for pictures.)

Face Lift for the Southern Local Sport's Complex

In the spring of 2013, Superintendent John Wilson wrote about the new improvements planned for the wigwam stadium in the district newsletter. The scope of the project included raising the visitor's bleachers and adding a press box on the visitor's side, add bleachers to the home side to increase capacity for 980 people to increase sitting too 1,700.  The plan is to construct a practice track with asphalt and asphalt the area in front of the concession stand. Increase parking by chip/sealing the area next to the administrative modular. The current football field would be replaced with a synthetic field turf with proper drainage. 

The plans include resurfacing the high school gym floor by stripping it, a fresh paint put on the surface and refinishing the floor.

football field

New Weight Room / Wrestling Complex

The work for the new weight room / wrestling complex began in 2014 after JP Industries and Mr. Mark Chronister donated the money for the complex. The building is named in their honor.

Baseball Field

Since the 1990's, Southern Local Varsity Boys Baseball team used the baseball field located in Salineville for their home games. The baseball field in Salineville needed some work in 2017 to improve the playing surface. The school board along with Superintendent John Wilson, decided to build a baseball field in the sport's complex. Board member Jay Cole volunteered to donate his time to build the baseball field. The first game on the new field was played in the spring of 2019. Superintendent Tom Cunningham threw out the 1st pitch.

Baseball field

Track Resurfaced

The asphalt track built in 2013 needed repairs. The summer of 2019 the track received a rubberized surface. The 2020 spring season was cancelled by the Governor Mike DeWine due to the pandemic. 


Ground breaking to Moving in

January ground breaking

pictured left to right: Mr. Jeff Weekley, retired Superintendent, Mr. Jim Herring, Jr. Sr. High Assistant Principal, Mr. Fred Burns, Superintendent, Mr. Kent Polen, Intermediate Principal, Mr. Dennis Spisak, Jr. Sr. High Principal, and Mrs. Wanda Navoyosky, Elementary Principal

Pictures documenting the construction of the new/remodel complex were taken weekly by school board members and Mrs. Doreen Marshall, Treasurer.

Year 1 Construction Pictures

Computer in Every Students' Hands

How did we get here?

  • 1987 Ohio Governor Richard Celeste provides funding  for Ohio businesses and universities to purchase a supercomputer. The supercomputer became Ohio's backbone for the schools, libraries, universities, and businesses to connect to the Internet.
  • Late 80's Southern Local purchases their first IMB token ring computers for the business classes and Apple II computers in the High School Media Center.  
  • 1991 - 1998 Ohio Governor George Voinovich provided money to wire every school in the state of Ohio so they could connect to the Internet. He also provided grant money to help low wealth school districts purchase 5 computers for each classroom, beginning with the elementary and working up to the high school. Governor Voinovich created SchoolNet. Teachers began learning basic computers so they could use the computers in their classrooms.
  • 1996 President Bill Clinton signed into law the Telecommunication Act of 1996. This act created help for schools and libraries to provide "state of the art technologies at a discount rate."
  • 2002 - 2003 Southern Local Jr. Sr. High applied for the "Raise the Bar" Grant. The 3-year grant was used to purchase two carts of 20 laptops each, software, 1 server to provide e-mail services, distance learning equipment, and science probes. During the school day, teachers would schedule the carts for use in their classrooms, at the end of the day, seniors could sign out their assigned laptop to take home. 
  • 2010 - 2011 Southern Local Jr. Sr. High applied for the "SIG" Grant. A 3-year grant to improve academic achievement. iPads were purchased for every teacher and 4 computer carts of 20 each computers were purchased to replace the laptops purchased in 2003 along with the programs purchased to improve academic performance.
  • 2013 - 2019 began the move to carts of Chromebooks assigned to teacher classrooms. The state was also moving their mode of testing from paper and pencil to online testing. The math and language arts departments were the first ones to receive carts of Chromebooks. The science and social studies departments had to share their carts within their departments.
  • 2020 - pushed schools into a one-to-one with the school closures due to the pandemic. It was hard to get technology due to everyone needing the technology. Using the Chromebooks Southern already owned, we were able to purchase enough Chromebooks for students in grades 1 through 12. The Kindergarten and Preschool would use the school's iPads.

State Receivership Ends the Burning of the Mortgage!

Southern Local paid off their debt to the State of Ohio to exit State receivership. Southern Local decided to celebrate with the community and the staff to "burn the mortgage". At the celebration dinner,  Superintendent Tony Krukowski, Treasurer Chris Shrivers, Board President, Kyle Baker and board member Terry Tice burned the mortgage.

Stars Dimmed Over Southern*

We began the 1982-83 school year with uncertainty. After the failure of a summer levy, the board had decided to make drastic cuts, including the closing of the high school library and the elimination of the sports program. Their decision was reversed, for the time being, and the football team resumed practice just before the school began. The library remained closed.

Then, on November fourth, the ax was dropped . An emergency ten mil levy was defeated by 55% of the voting tax payers. To help ease our 900,000 dollar deficit, the school board decided to eliminate our sports program, close school buildings thirty minutes after the students were dismissed, eliminate clubs and other extra curricular, limit bus service, and petition the state to reinstate split sessions for middle and high school students. The stars dimmed cover Southern Local.

Split sessions and limited bus service never came to be, but Wayne Elementary School was closed and we went through the winter months without traditional dances and basketball games. Student moral was at an all time low.

Concerned members of the community joined together to try to remedy the situation. A group of parents and students formed to make sure that the seniors had a prom. The Athletic Boosters raised funds to pay for our sports program.

Girls' and boys' basketball began a brief season in January and all clubs and spring sports were reinstated.


(*The history is copied from the 1982-83 yearbook. The high school library was reopened in the 1984-85 school year. However, the Wayne was never reopened. Southern sold the Wayne School.)