Federal Programs

Southern Local Federal Funding

Each year the federal government supplements the cost of several programs in Southern Local Schools. Strict guidelines accompany these funds to ensure correct and consistent use among school districts. Funding from the government is primarily used to support reading and math programs, special education, and provide professional development to teachers and administrators. In addition, we receive funding specifically to assist with closing the achievement gap between regular students and students with disabilities. Title I Family Involvement Activities are scheduled throughout the year at each building; including Parent-Teacher Conference Nights.

Title I

Title I funds are used to support developmental reading and math programs at the elementary level in Southern Local Schools.  Southern Local Schools operates as a school-wide model where Title Reading Teachers, a Math Coach, and intervention teachers were used to provide additional assistance to students at the elementary level. Title I funds at the Jr./Sr. High are used to provided support programs to supplement and enhance the regular curriculum.



Title IIA

Title II-A Funding for Title II-A is earmarked for professional development for teachers and administrators based on needs determined by the Ohio Improvement Process.  The Professional Development is related to data analysis, instructional strategies, and improvement of team practices to improve instruction.

Title IV-A

Title IV-A is used at the Jr./Sr. High to offer opportunities to students related to STEM instruction and technology.

IDEA-B (Special Education)

 IDEA-B Special needs of the handicapped were addressed with federal funds that are allocated based on the number of identified handicapped students served in our school district. These funds were used to provide salaries for special education teachers, to defray the excess costs of serving students with disabilities and to provide related services like Occupational Therapy. IDEA-B funds provide special reading programs and technology resources for special education classrooms.

McKinney-Vento Homeless Children and Youth Program

This program is designed to make sure all homeless children and youth have equal access to the same free and appropriate public education as children and youth who are not homeless. This includes preschool education. A brochure has been published by the Ohio Department of Education to explain the rights of families. You may access the brochure by visiting the Ohio Department of Education website.

District Liaison:  Superintendent of Southern Local Schools 330-679-2343

Notifications of Qualifications of Professional Staff: Federal law requires that any local schools district receiving federal Title I money, must notify parents each student attending any school receiving funds, that they may request information regarding the professional qualifications of the students’ classroom teacher. For the past several years, 100% of Salem City School District teachers have been highly qualified. This notifies you of your right to inquire about the qualifications of your child’s teachers. If you would like this information, please contact the administration building.

 ADA Compliance Officer:       Superintendent of Southern Local Schools
                                                          38095 State Route 39
                                                          Salineville, OH 43945

IDEA/504 Compliance Officer:   Special Education Director of Southern Local Schools
                                                          38095 State Route 39
                                                          Salineville, OH 43945
                                                          330-679-2305 ext. 4022