School Safe ID

The School Safe ID system has been implemented in the  Jr. Sr. High School and the Elementary schools. The system requires a valid driver's license or state id to enter the building. If you are taking your child out of the school or bring them to school, you must sign your child in or out for any reason using this new system.

Any school events that takes place during the school hours such as PTO parties, award assemblies, blood drives ... to mention a few, you are required to sign in. 

Besides parents or families members, all visitors to the school will need to sign in and out using the School Safe ID system. Visitors include volunteers, substitute staff, student teachers, contractors, and coaches.

This system is ultimately for the safety of our students and staff. If you have any questions, please contact your child's school office.

Additional information about School Safe ID, visit their website. (Frequently asked questions)

School ID System