Staff Directory
2022 - 2023

District Administration
District Staff

Mr. T. Cunningham

Mr. Thomas Cunningham
330-679-2343 ext. 4004 

Mrs. T. Phillips, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Tammy Phillips
Administrative Assistant
330-679-2343 ext. 4003 

Mrs. W. Tsesmilles, EMIS

Mrs. Whitney Tsesmilles
EMIS Coordinator
330-679-2343 ext. 4005 

Mrs. K. Sampson, Federal Grants Coord., Preschool Coord.

Mrs. Kristy Sampson
Federal Programs Coordinator
330-679-2343 ext. 4100  

Ms. A. Gareis, PR

Ms. Amy Gareis

Deputy J. Haugh, SRO

Deputy Jeff Haugh
School Resource Officer

330-679-2343  ext. 4011

Mrs. A. Dowling, Nursing Staff

Mrs. Ashley Dowling
Nursing Staff 

Mrs. H. McIntosh, School Nurse

Mrs. Heidi McIntosh
School Nurse
330-679-2343 ext. 4016

Fiscal Staff

Mr. G. Sabbato, Treasurer, CFO

Mr. Gregory Sabbato
330-679-2343 ext. 4009

Mrs. J. Dowling, Assistant Treasurer

Mrs. Julie Dowling
Assistant Treasurer
330-679-2343 ext. 4006

Mrs. J. Boyle, Payroll Staff / Administrative Clerical

Mrs. Jody Boyle
Payroll Staff/Administrative Clerical
330-679-2343 ext. 4007

Board of Education

Mr. K. Blissenbach, Board Member

Karl Blissenbach
Board Member 

Mr. K. Dowling, Board President

Mr. Kip Dowling
Board Member 

Mr. S. Hart, Board Vice President

Mr. Scott Hart
Board Member

Mrs. L. Morris, Board Member

Mrs. Linda Morris
Board Member 

Mr. J. Sawyer, Board Member

Mr. John Sawyer
Board Member 

Technology Staff

Mr. J. Manist, Technology Director

Mr. Josh Manist
Technology Director

330-679-2343 ext. 4102 

Mr. B. Westover, Technology Assistant

Mr. Bobby Westover
Technology Assistant


Ms. M. Hiller, C.A.T.S.

Ms. Marjorie Hiller
Central Administrative Technology Services
(E-rate / Grade Book / SIS / Webmaster)
330-679-2343 ext. 4098

Special Services Staff

Mrs. L. Krulik, Special Services Director

Mrs. Laura Krulik
Special Services Director
330-679-2343 ext. 4023 

Ms. K. Bryant, Speech & Hearing Therapist

Ms. Kayla Bryant
Speech & Hearing Therapist
330-679-2343 ext. 4101

Ms. K. Crosby, Physical Therapist

Ms. Kelly Crosby
Physical Therapist

Mrs. C. Dentz, Occupational Therapist

Mrs. Christina Dentz
Occupational Therapist
330-679-2343 ext. 4107

Ms. B. Dietz, School Psychologist

Ms. Brianna Dietz
School Psychologist
330-679-2343 ext. 4104

Mrs. E. Marcolini, Speech & Hearing Therapist

Mrs. Emily Marcolini
Speech & Hearing Therapist
330-679-2343 ext. 4105

Mrs. T. Phillips, Occupational Therapist Assistant

Mrs. Tammi Phillips
Occupational Therapist Assistant  

Ms. A. Purcell, Physical Therapist

Ms. Amy Purcell
Physical Therapist

Mrs. C. Channell, The RedZone

Ms. Casey Channell
The RedZone 
330-679-2343 ext. 4071 

The RedZone

Southern Local Jr. Sr. High School Staff

Mr. R. Wright, Principal

Mr. Rich Wright
330-679-2343 ext. 4014 

Mr. J. Krulik, Assistant Principal

Mr. Justin Krulik
Assistant Principal
330-679-2343 ext. 4012 

Mrs. P. Thomas

Mrs. Pat Thomas
330-679-2343 ext. 4000 

Mrs. A. Forbes, Attendance Secretary

Mrs. Amie Forbes
330-679-2343 ext. 4001  

Ms. K. Pezzano, JH Guidance Counselor

Ms. Kenadee Pezzano
JH Guidance Counselor
330-679-2343 ext. 4010 

Mrs. A. Smith, HS Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Alannah Smith
HS Guidance Counselor
330-679-2343 ext. 4013

Mr. R. Shansky, Athletic Director

Mr. Robert Shansky
Athletic Director / Social Studies
330-679-2343 ext. 4002 

Mrs. K. Davis, Athletic Trainer

Ms. Karleigh Davis
Athletic Trainer 

Mr. J. Baker, HS Science

Mr. Jaret Baker 
HS Science
330-679-2343 ext. 4042

Mrs. L. Biser, HS Math

Mrs. Lori Biser 
H.S. Math
330-679-2343 ext. 4047 

Mrs. E. Bowling, Band, Choir, Drama

Mrs. Emily Bowling
Music / Band
330-679-2343 ext. 4052

Mrs. K. Calderon, World Language

Mrs. Karla Calderon
330-679-2343 ext. 4040

Ms. Sharon Campbell, HS Social Studies

Ms. Sharon Campbell
H.S. Social Studies
330-679-2343 ext. 4058

Mrs. A. Dalton, Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Abby Dalton
Intervention Specialist
330-679-2343 ext. 4057 

Mr. F. DeChellis, Intervention Specialist

Mr. Fernando DeChellis
Intervention Specialist
330-679-2343 ext. 4048

Mr. B. Eastham, HS English

Mr. Brian Eastham
HS English
330-679-2343 ext. 4060 

Mr. K. Exline, HS English

Mr. Kyle Exline
H.S. English / 
330-679-2343 ext. 4062

Mr. G. Grimm, HS English

Mr. Gerard Grimm
H.S. English

330-679-2343 ext. 4059

Mrs. K. Hepner, JH Math

Mrs. Kristin Hepner
JH Math
330-679-2343 ext. 4051

Mrs. L. Houck, HS Science

Mrs. Lisa Houck
H.S. Science 
330-679-2343 ext. 4041

Mr. B. Hughes, Middle School ELA

Mr. Hughes
JH Language Arts
330-679-2343 ext. 4031

Mr. R. Infanti, DRA

Mr. Ron Infanti
330-679-2343 ext. 4038

Mrs. S. Lissi, HS Social Studies

Mrs. Susan Lissi
HS Social Studies
330-679-2343 ext. 4061 

Ms. A. Lockhart, HS Math

Ms. Alyssa Lockhart
HS Math
330-679-2343 ext. 4049 

Mr. J. Malone, Intervention Specialist

Mr. Jimmy Malone
Intervention Specialist
330-679-2343 ext. 4054 

Mr. J. Malone, HS Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Kelly Malone
Intervention Specialist 
330-679-2343 ext. 4037

Ms. K. Maple, Intervention Specialist

Ms. Kylee Maple
Intervention Specialist 
330-679-2343 ext. 4025

Mrs. S. Pirogowicz, Ag Education

Mrs. Shelley Pirogowicz
330-679-2343 ext. 4044 

Mrs. S. Rodgers, JH Reading

Mrs. Shannon Rodgers
JH Language Arts
330-679-2343 ext. 4032 

Mrs. L. Ronshak, Art

Mrs. Laurie Ronshak
Art  / 
(Webmaster)330-679-2343 ext. 4053

Mr. E. Sampson, PE

Mr. Eric Sampson
330-679-2343 ext. 4036 

Mrs. T. Scheel, 6th grade Math

Mrs. Tiffany Scheel
6th Grade Math
330-679-2343 ext. 4050 

Mrs. M. Skinner, JH Math

Mrs. Michele Skinner
J.H. Math
330-679-2343 ext. 4035 

Mr. A. Vulgamore, Intervention Specialist

Mr. Andrew Vulgamore
Intervention Specialist
330-679-2343 ext. 4056

Mr. T. Walters, JH Social Studies

Mr. Todd Walters
Jr. High Social Studies
330-679-2343 ext. 4030

Mrs. A. Wrobleski, JH Science

Mrs. Amanda Wrobleski
JH Science
330-679-2343 ext. 4033 

Southern Local Elementary Staff

Mrs. E. Brinker, Principal

Mrs. Emily Brinker
330-679-2343 ext. 4020

Mr. J. Wrask, Assistant Principal

Mr. Jordan Wrask
Assistant Principal / Curriculum Director
330-679-2343 ext. 4021

Mrs. S. Lewis, Secretary

Mrs. Sandy Lewis
330-679-2343 ext. 4017

Mrs. D. Hart, secretary

Mrs. Donna Hart
330-679-2343 ext. 4018

Mr. L. Rudloff, Guidance

Mr. Larry Rudloff
Guidance Counselor
330-679-2343 ext. 4019


Mrs. K. Blatch, preschool

Mrs. Kimberly Blatch 
Half Day PreSchool
330-679-2343 ext 4063

Mrs. T. Richards, Preschool

Mrs. Tracey Richards
All Day PreSchool
330-679-2343 ext. 4065


Ms. E. Callahan, Kindergarten

Ms. E. Callahan
330-679-2343 ext. 4069

Mrs. H. Davis, Kindergarten

Mrs. Holly Davis
330-679-2343 ext. 4075

Mrs. N. Lewis, Kindergarten

Mrs. Nikki Lewis
330-679-2343 ext. 4064

1st Grade

Mrs. N. Beadnell, 1st Grade

Mrs. Nicole Beadnell
1st Grade
330-679-2343 ext. 4076

Ms. R. Blakeley, 1st Grade

Mrs. Renee Blakeley
1st Grade
330-679-2343 ext. 4077

Mrs. T. Rauschenberg, 1st Grade

Mrs. Terra Rauschenberg
1st Grade
330-679-2343 ext. 4079

2nd Grade

Mrs. H. Clapsadle, 2nd Grade

Mrs. Heather Clapsadle
2nd Grade
330-679-2343 ext. 4072

Mrs. E. Newburn, 2nd Grade

Mrs. Erin Newburn
2nd Grade
330-679-2343 ext. 4073

Mrs. B. Steff, 2nd Grade

Mrs. Breann Steff
2nd Grade
330-679-2343 ext. 4075

3rd Grade

Mrs. H. McCartney, 3rd Grade

Mrs. Heather McCartney
3rd Grade
330-679-2343 ext. 4088

Mrs. N. Sakely, 3rd Grade

Mrs. Nancy Sakely
3rd Grade
330-679-2343 ext. 4087

Mrs. T. Voorhees, 3rd Grade

Mrs. Taffi Voorhees
3rd Grade
330-679-2343 ext. 4089

4th Grade

Mrs. J. Donovan, 4th Grade

Mrs. Jackline Donovan
4th Grade
330-679-2343 ext. 4079

Mrs. J. Pierce, 4th Grade

Mrs. Janice Pierce
4th Grade
330-679-2343 ext. 4080

Mr. J. Reese, 4th Grade

Mr. James Reese
4th Grade
330-679-2343 ext. 4082 

5th Grade

Mr. Z. Almy, 5th Grade

Mr. Zachary Almy
5th Grade
330-679-2343 ext. 4084

Ms. K. Marquis, 5th Grade

Ms. Karen Marquis
5th Grade
330-679-2343 ext. 4090

Mrs. D. Patterson, 5th Grade

Mrs. Dana Patterson
5th Grade
330-679-2343 ext. 4083

Intervention Specialists
Title I

Mrs. J. Coleman, Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Jessica Coleman
Intervention Specialist
330-679-2343 ext. 4085

Mrs. A. Farnsworth, Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Ashley Farnsworth
Intervention Specialist
330-679-2343 ext. 4097

Mrs. B. Kekel, Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Brenda Kekel
Intervention Specialist
330-679-2343 ext.

Mrs. K. Louk, Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Kimberly Louk
PreSchool Intervention Specialist
330-679-2343 ext. 4074

Mrs. A. Warner, Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Allison Warner
Intervention Specialist
330-679-2343 ext. 4068

Mrs. K. Forbes, Title I

Mrs. Katie Forbes
Title I Reading
330-679-2343 ext. 4070

Mrs. H. Keller, Title I

Mrs. Holly Keller
Title I Reading
330-679-2343 ext. 4096


Ms. K. Adams, Art

Ms. Kimberly Adams
330-679-2343 ext. 4094

Ms. K. Randolph, PE

Ms. Kathy Randolph
330-679-2343 ext. 4093

Mr. J.R. Smith

Mr. James R. Smith
330-679-2343 ext. 4099

Para-Educators Staff

Mrs. K. Crawford

Mrs. Kimberly Crawford

Mr. L. Fields

Mr. Lonnie Fields

Mrs. J. Gates

Mrs. Julie Gates

Mrs. S. Grace

Mrs. Sue Grace

Mrs. R. Hopper

Mrs. Rachael Hopper

Mrs. C. Marshall

Mrs. Cindy Marshall

Mrs. P. Maskaluk

Mrs. Phyllis Maskaluk

Mrs. B. McCulley

Mrs. Brenda McCulley

Mrs. N. McCulley

Mrs. Natasha McCulley

Mrs. S. Parrish

Mrs. Shawnna Parrish

Mrs. A. Patterson

Mrs. Abigail Patterson

Mrs. M. Peters

Mrs. Mikie Peters

Mrs. L. Pitts

Mrs. Lisa Pitts

Mrs. K. Smith

Mrs. Kristen Smith

Mrs. K. Sosack

Mrs. Kristina Socack

Mrs. K. Terdina

Mrs. Kayla Terdina

Mrs. R. Utt

Mrs. Regina Utt

Mrs. A. Vernon

Mrs. Amanda Vernon

Mr. K. Woodward

Mr. Kyler Woodward

Food Services Staff

Ms. Kerry Morrissey, Nutrition Inc., Food Services

Ms. Kerry Morrissey
Food Service Director
330-679-2343 ext. 4028 

Mrs. D. Gotschall, Food Services

Mrs. Dawn Gotschall
Food Service 
330-679-2343 ext. 4027 

Mrs. W. Ketchum, Food Services

Mrs. Wendy Ketchum
Food Service

330-679-2343 ext. 4027 

Ms. T. McAfee, Food Services

Tiffani McAfee
Food Service 

Ms. T. McDevitt Food Services

Ms.Tiffany McDevitt
Food Service 

Mrs. J. Gates, Food Services

Mrs. Carla Phenicie
Food Service 

Mrs. M. Plunkett, Food Services

Mrs. Monica Plunkett
Food Service 

Mrs. H. Price, Food Services

Mrs. Heather Price
Food Service 

Mrs. C. Sloan, Food Services

Mrs. Chasity Sloan
Food Service 

Mrs. B. Stewart, Food Services

Mrs. Brenda Stewart
Food Service 

Custodial Staff

Mr. C. Puckett, Maintenance Supervisor

Mr. Charlie Puckett
Maintenance Supervisor
330-679-2343 ext. 4046 

Mrs. V. Biggio, custodian

Mrs. Vicki Biggio

Mrs. B. Dulaney, Custodian

Mrs. Bev Dulaney

Mrs. K. Korbel, Custodian

Mrs. Kelley Korbel

Mrs. K. Ohler, Custodian

Mrs. Kathy Ohler

Ms. A. Powell, Custodian

Alexis Powell

Mrs. V. Raffle, Custodian

Mrs. Venus Raffle

Mr. T. West, Custodian

Mr. Tim West

Mr. D. Ulbright, Flex Custodian

Mr. David Ulbright

Transportation Staff

Mr. R. Marra, Transportation Supervisor

Mr. Rob Marra
Transportation Supervisor
330-679-2343 ext. 4106 

Mr. L. McKenzie, Assistant Mechanic

Mr. Leonard "LJ" McKenzie
Assistant Mechanic

Mr. M. Leonard, Mechanic

Mr. Michael Leonard
Mechanic - Sub Bus Driver 

Mrs. K. Boston, Transportation

Mrs. Kim Boston

Mrs. D. Crawford, Transportation

Mrs. Danielle Crawford

Mrs. C. Eltringham, Transportation

Mrs. Chris Eltringham

Mrs. T. Gauntt, Transportation

Mrs. Taylor Gauntt

Mrs. T. Jones, Transportation

Mrs. Tracy Jones

Mrs. C. Melott, Transportation

Mrs. Carol Melott

Mrs. J. Pitts, Transportation

Mrs. Julie Pitts

Mrs. D. Redfern, Transportation

Mrs. Dara Redfern

Mrs. S. Sevek, Transportation

Mrs. Steph Sevek

Mrs. P. Young, Transportation

Mrs. Pam Young

Utica Shale Academy Staff

Mr. B. Watson, Superintendent

Mr. Bill Watson
Utica Shale Academy Superintendent

Mr. B. Barrett

Mr. Bob Barrett

Ms. P. Beatty

Ms. Paige Beatty
Enrollment Specialist

Mr. D. Bowers

Mr. Dennis Bowers

Mrs. P. Compton

Mrs. Paige Compton

Mr. M. Gates, STEPS Instructor

Mr. Matt Gates
Shale STEPS Instructor

Ms. M. Hart

Ms. Mariah Hart
Para Educator
330-679-2343 ext. 4113

Mr. C. Hill, Dean of Students

Mr. Carter Hill
Dean of Students
330-679-2343 ext. 4112

Mr. R. Menho

Mr. Rb Menho
Career Specialist

Ms. J. Reed

Ms. Jocelyn Reed

Mr. M. Skrinjar, Intervention Specialist

Mr. Michael Skrinjar
Intervention Specialist
330-679-2343 ext. 4116

Mr. J. sloan

Mr. Jace Sloan

Mrs. K. Vennum Para Educator

Mrs. Kathy Vennum
Para Educator
330-679-2343 ext. 4117

Mr. G. Whittaker

Mr. George Whittaker

Mr. N. Woods, welding

Mr. Nicholas Woods
Shale Welding Instructor
330-679-2343 ext. 4115

Mr. J. Wright

Mr. Johnny Wright